31. dec. 2011

Naj bo naslednje (še) boljše

Mirno in filmografsko leto 2012 vsem

I was listening to the broadcast and I was wondering what is exactly that's gonna start in Hollywood? —It's the apocalypse. End of days. The Judgment Day, the end of the world, my friend. Christians called it the rapture, but the Mayans knew about it, the Hopis, the I Ching, the Bible, kind of ... You'd have to keep a thing like this underwraps. I mean, just think about it, okay? First, the stock market would go. Then the economy, boom! The dollar, boom! And then pandemonium in the streets. War, genocide, ba-ba-ba-ba, boom, boom, boom!

Bullshit. Nobody could keep that big a secret, Charlie. Somebody would blow the whistle. —And every once in a while, some poor little sucker tries. Well, like these guys, boom, boom!

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